Sustainability is in our culture

We carefully study local and global trends to identify the most important issues. What we find helps us decide our strategic, sustainable management priorities. These are our seven pillars of sustainability:

Our approach

We are committed to caring for people, sourcing products responsibly and respecting the planet.

The meat industry is a major player in the private sector, and great contributor to our kingdom’s economy. From production, to processing and distribution, many people rely on the industry for their livelihood. Thus, we cannot ignore to look into sustainability of the sector.
Part of that is by going ahead of the grid to ensure that we observe the best practice right from the rearing of the animals to the packaging of ready products.


The formula to feed the future

By 2050, the world has to find a way to feed an additional 2 Billion people. It’s a complex challenge and one we’re committed to helping solve by building an equitable and resilient food system, one that supports all people and sustains our planet. Our formula is a collaborative approach that brings together both diverse expertise and scallable resources and focuses on three key ambitions:


At GoldenMeat, our business is intrinsically linked with nature and agriculture. Climate change is one of the most significant issues that will impact the long-term prosperity of the industry and way of life. It impacts natural cycles of water, soils, biodiversity and ecosystems that play a vital role in the production our food. Together with our employees, suppliers, customers and community. We are relentlessly pursuing new improved ways to deliver profitable food solutions, whilst at the same time reducing the environmental, social and economic impacts of our business practices on natural resources.


GoldenMeat beef passes stringent quality inspections before reaching your table. The kingdom’s meat industry protects its reputation for producing clean. Green and Halal red meat products with a number of traceability and quality assurance programs.
These include the numerous legislative requirements and industry standards at processors and inspections by importing authorities.
We work with only the best distributors and suppliers to ensure GoldenMeat beef is of the same premium quality in every country.