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It has all started from our passion and dedication for meat,
and with a strong ambition to grow, and to provide more added value with respect to our people’s love for premium quality meat.
We began sourcing a wide range of fresh and frozen meat and poultry through global experts and suppliers’ network of carefully selected slaughter houses. cutting plants. packing and processing companies.

why GoldenMeat Co

premium quality:

At GoldenMeat Co , fresh meat and fresh ideas are at the heart of food and services. GoldenMeat Co delivers exceptional produce, custom cuts of meat, and imported foods offering global flavors. Our network of specialty suppliers pairs well our culinary and business expertise. GoldenMeat Co unparalleled selection of innovative ingredients and cutting-edge products connects your business to the industry-leading distribution network.

high standard trading & logistics:

Using our extensive industry knowledge, together with our logistics partners, we have the transport service to match any of your requirements. Regardless of way of transportation, we aim to deliver your frozen, chilled and temperature-controlled goods always on time and in the best possible condition. All products we deliver are processed and packed in accordance with major global food standards.

transparency and trust:

Through our journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the satisfaction of our customers and partners, rigor and ongoing improvement have been central to our corporate culture.

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We offer wide range of raw meat products from beef, sheep, goat and lamb in chilled, frozen, and vacuum packing.

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