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Brazilian Beef

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Brazilian Beef

Our professional butchers work with top-quality meat every day: beef, veal, lamb Our ranges marry flavours and traditions and follow trends in the catering industry with traditional raw products meat cuts minced meat and processed products, in line with eating habits and trends.

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Minerva Angus presents the best meat in terms of tenderness, juiciness and finish, so that you can enjoy sophisticated and international quality meats without leaving your home. They are noble products, exclusively from Angus cattle, which guarantee premium cuts , with superior quality both for their great succulence and for an incomparable softness. The right amount of fat and the high degree of marbling typical of the Angus breed result in the balance for the perfect meat. The Minerva Angus line is certified by the ABA (Brazilian Association of Angus).
Angus meat has 3 to 6 mm of fat, a thickness considered by experts to be perfect, as it is neither too thin nor too thick. And it is this balance that guarantees juiciness, softness and flavor.

jack's creek
jack's creek

Market leader in Brazil and with more than five decades of history, Friboi revolutionized the animal protein segment by “decommoditizing” beef. Present in over 150 countries, it has 36 production units in the country, responsible for producing one of the most complete portfolios in the sector which are sold under the brands Friboi, Reserva Friboi, Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, 1953 Friboi and Swift Black. The company also has customized programs for retail and wholesale customers, such as the Butcher Nota 10 present in more than a thousand stores and which follows the same standard of service and service ensuring the best exposure of cuts, management support and improvement in merchant profitability. In addition to it, Friboi operates the Gourmet Butcher 1953 Friboi, model implemented in the supermarket sector to offer premium portioned and packaged cuts to the consumer's choice. In recognition of the high quality standard of its products, Friboi maintains important achievements, such as the seal “The best-selling meat in Brazil”, endorsed by the Nielsen consultancy.